Pizzelle alla Napoletana

Specialty Romanina

Pizzelle alla Napoletana"For lovers of pizza ... sick of pizza"

Would you like to propose something really tasty especially children like that?

Then order the delicious Neapolitan pizzelle! The history of the pizzelle was born in Naples, we say that these pizzelle were sold particularly in "low" or small homes where they lived the poorest families in the city that could hardly buy food. The nickname of pizzelle was " a ogge a otte " or "I eat now and pay in eight days," because the “pizzaioli” used to do credit to these poor people. traditionally were the wives of “pizzaioli” to prepare using dough pizza prepared by their husbands.

Who knows them knows that they are simple and good, but whoever does not know does not know what you lose!

The pizzelle are extraordinary and rapid variations of pizza because the dough is the same. Basically they are fried, but are also delicious baked certainly be lighter.

The characteristic of these pizzelle is the softness and elasticity of the dough, which swells in the oven and grows until it forms a small pizza very high. In fact, their simple preparation makes them very tasty.

After being prepared, is stuffed with tomato sauce, is sprinkled with oregano and Parmesan cheese and usually is accompanied to the table with a good white wine.