La Burrata

Specialty Romanina Romanina

La BurrataBurrata is a product born recently, in early 900, north of Bari (Andria and neighboring towns). It is a fresh cheese that is obtained by adding fresh milk whey and rennet. Upon consumption, Burrata shows a pear-shaped, smooth shiny and white surface, like a small "bag" of soft spun paste that contains a generous dose of "Stracciatella" (delicate mixture of fresh cream and shredded mozzarella cheese by hand in thin wires).

La Burrata ApertaThe texture is soft and creamy. Smell reminiscent of fresh cream, the taste is mild and sweet with a slightly sour aftertaste. Burrata can be enjoyed as a complete meal, accompanied by tomato (burrata caprese), ham or salmon, or as a second course, combined with some good glass of local white wine of Puglia. The ideal combination is with dry white wines delicately fragrant and fruity. The simple, buttery taste of this typical product of Apulia, satisfy all those who, approaching the Mediterranean cuisine, try simple and genuine dishes.

How Eat

Burrata, absolutely must eat with your hands, fishing from water that houses them. Feeling the bag that contain the "stracciatella" it identifies the thinnest point and there may be given the first bite, taking care to make a little hole big enough to suck the cream stracciatella. When the bag is empty you can eat all the wrapping, to finish with a little more solid part of the ligature. After years of experience you can eat burratina cream without dropping!