Restaurant of Rome "La Friseria"

FRISERIA was founded in 1992 by Alexander and Constantine.

The project was to design a local together and especially in a short period of time. Has developed this idea: NATURAL AND HEALTHY EATING.
The first was opened in The shopping centre Romanina. Siamo riusciti a ricreare un piccolo angolo di Puglia. Entering in local will seem to be just in a trullo, complete with views of the Valle d'Itria. FRISERIA is really a way to feel at home, between lanterns, pergolas with chestnut beams and the food really like what he was doing the "Grandma".

And it is the taste, the Mediterranean taste to make it special, because the dishes are all "homemade" from the queen of the menu: pasta. It is produced daily by us with “trafile al bronzo”. We also serve many Apulian specialties like “fries”, “Pucce”, “burrata” and other various typical food of southern land.
The idea is good and the Romans lick its whiskers! It born a new FRISERIA at the center of Rome in the Flaminio district in Viale del Vignola 1. The result is the number 2, but only second in temporal order.

In this new location we create a room on two levels with outdoor tables where you can taste all the foods tested in Romanina by adding something new, special and certainly there is pizzeria to try!